Search engine optimisation in Swindon

Internet marketing is just one of those dark arts. Some can do it, some can’t. In fact, businesses will pay a premium for those who can. Why does it matter? It’s because going digital is big business. If you can capture an online audience, you’d be way out in front of your competitors… what’s not to like.

Like the A-team, good internet marketers are hard to come by. Few and far between, most network their way to finding an SEO consultant that can do the job. After all… there are tonnes of people who claim to know what they are doing. Very few can actually deliver.Image result for seo

Expense is all relative: A top SEO consultant will demand a handsome reward indeed. But are the costs worth it. It depends on your attitude towards advertising spend. If you see advertising budgets as an expense… then yeah… SEO is expensive. If you see SEO as an investment… then SEO is well worth its weight in gold. After all, there aren’t many forms of advertising that can land you many times your normal business.

We talked to our friends EJA Solutions SEO Swindon to get the scoop on the industry as it stands today. They said that digital marketing truly is the future for businesses. Of course, it needs to fit one’s underlying business model, as return on investment is crucial. However, applications can be altered to meet a wealth of individual needs. They recognised that many have been stung by con artists but they also confirm that the industry has never been more vibrant.

If you’re a business owner and you’re looking for ways to increase new business for your organisation, then we seriously recommend you talk to the men and women down at EJA Solutions… they really know what they’re doing.

Get your money straight

Anderson Wealth Management–time for money

Wealth management business are all the rage at the moment–we work with a few of them. Our reasoning for the current rise in these kinds of services is possibly due to the recent economic crash (maybe it’s not so recent… but everything is relative).

We get it… managing your money is tough! Let’s put it this way… if you’re a business owner, chances are you’ll higher an accountant to do your business’ finances. So what’s different about an individuals personal finances, their mortgage, their retirement plan, and/or investments? Nothing at all. We think personal finance is probably more important. After all… businesses get certain levels of financial protection making them comparably robust. (Obviously don’t take our word for it and seek the advice of your accountant.)

We’ve just started working with Anderson Wealth Management–they are independent financial advisors (IFAs). These guys are very good and have been in the business for a few years. What’s great is that they do it all. What we mean is they specialize in all financial services, which is mighty impressive. Retirement planning, mortgage advice, investment planning, even income protection–it’s all there.
Is good about working with Anderson Wealth Management is that we have struck a deal, which is always nice. We help them from a business consulting point of view and they help use with the business’ insurance, investments, and other related items. They even went that extra mile for us, offering all our staff free financial consultations and commission free services. We wish all our clients provided this much value!

This post is a bit of a plug… but I hand on heart do not have a problem recommending Anderson Wealth Management to my readers and clients. Check them out, Joe and the team will be more than happy to hear from you and help in any way they can.

Fancy I drink? Go on — it wont hurt.

Who said business couldn’t be noble. I often think, if you can match up helping people with making money… then have at it! We work with a lot of clients from various industries… some are even in medicine. What we like about this next industry is it’s niche and pure drive to better peoples’ lives.

What are we actually talking about here? Alcoholism can be a devastating affliction. What people fail to realize is that it is more than just a ‘drinking problem’; it has psychological and physical attributes that manifest in said problem. For example, you could be a successful business owner. Your work is hard going and stressful. Maybe you turn to alcohol to relax in the evenings. Eventually the odd tipple turns into a nightly event. You need to drink more to relax; then you start drinking in the morning, which follows lunchtime consumption. Before you know it, you’ve got a problem. So… is the problem due to alcohol or the amount of stress this individual is under?

Different kinds of people are more or less likely to have these sorts of problems… but they do exist. So in the example above, the issue maybe resolved by altering the subject’s business in some way (maybe recruiting someone to help out). Our client’s business specialize in alcohol addiction treatment. Their holistic approach is more than just finding strategies to deny their clients access to alcohol/temptation — they look past the surface and target to root cause. Like I said — they are a truly awesome little business. Their forward-thinking approach utilizes the most modern psychological treatment strategies, allowing their clients to overcome, what is often, a very destructive habit. If you know anyone who needs their service, I strongly recommend you get in touch with them. They’re very helpful and make it their business and sole aim to do their best for their customers.

What’s with people nowadays? Why not buy used? Is it because people are too proud to invest in second-hand merchandise? Or is it an abundance of credit that is driving more and more people to buy new products? Let’s take a closer look.

The used car industry is an ideal place to start. Is there any money in it? Are businesses still performing. So many questions such little time. In our experience, which is based on more than one of our clients, yes — the used-car business still has life in it. It’s actually in rude health, with more and more people considering used cars over their leased alternatives.

Its amazing to think that more than 70 percent of cars on the road are leased. Why? Because credit is easy to acquire and a culture of buy-now-pay-later has been growing for many years. Perks like free insurance, warranty, interest-free borrowing and included servicing costs are common place. However, do these benefits out weight mileage and use restriction? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

What ever you lose in peace of mind, you gain through value when buying used. If you’re in the prestige of sports market, then you’re in luck. These types of automobiles tend to lose value quickly… but they retain 90-plus percent of their potency when compared to new models. So, when buying different generations of Porches, for example, you will get more value by buying the older model. It makes perfect business sense to buy cars this way.

This new wave of thinking is spreading. Second-hand car dealers are becoming more than dodgy dealers. Now we’re seeing huge enterprises opening. These business ventures (for example) are successfully bridging the gap between used-car sales and used-car purchases… which is good for both consumers and business owners. Food for thought, wouldn’t you think?

Gaming the system by learning to drive

eCigarettes, email, eBooks, you name it — the world’s gone mad for digital! What ever next? I’ll tell you what — eDriving. Well not quite, I kind of made that up… but it’s not far wrong.

It is becoming increasingly common for young aspiring road-goers to use a driving simulator for driver training. Now, we’re not talking about spotty teenagers playing Need For Speed on their XStation or their PlayBox (or what ever you call computer consoles nowadays), we’re talking about serious stuff here. If you ask us, we’re not sure why anyone would bother learning in today’s driving climate. Cars are becoming increasingly sophisticated. In fact, automatic gears have been around for years, now you get active cruise control, auto parking, accident avoidance… the list goes on. Heck — some cars can actually drive themselves. You can literally by a self driving car today — fact. Craaaaaazaaaay or what? Anyway, this is one for future discussions – for now, we will stick to driving simulators and their future.

Apparently society is growing less tolerant of using the open road to nurture the next generation’s driving talent. As a result, driving school simulator businesses are popping up all over the place. In fact, we support several businesses in this growing niche.

Has the world gone mad though? Is this a step too far? I mean… where does it end? Should our future surgeons be playing Surgeon Simulator before working on real live human beings…!? Who are we to argue? All we know is that these little ventures are getting exceptionally popular among business owners. Also, what was a tiny market niche has already grown into a multi-million dollar industry.

The jury’s out on whether this approach actually yields objective, measurable, on-road performance gains…. and when we say performance, we’re actually referring to reduced accidents and law infringements. It could turn out that we’re simply encouraging a generation of computer simulator driving morons <gulp>. Time will indeed tell.

Crack oh no!

Back pain — something a lot of people could do with out. Conversely… it’s something a lot of people could do with! Namely chiropractors. For these bone-cracking, spine-bending professionals, back pain is a staple to a healthy business and the resultant bank balance.

Back pain facts: You’re increasingly likely to suffer pain the older you get. Get fit! Pain incidents are commonly related to people with poor physical health. Lose weight! People who are over weight are more likely to suffer pain. Genetics… yeeeaaaah — blame your parents. If you suffer pain, it’s likely they do too. Work. One’s profession is often a common cause. Sort your chair out; get a desk assessment or pay the price. Smoking. Is there anything that we can’t blame smoking for??? That’s right — smoking can adversely affect the nutrients your body gets… leaving you with a bad back… and pain.

If you’re already suffering from issues, then we’d recommend some of the chiropractors in Clophill. For some reason, they tend to be exceptional in that area. As you can imagine, book early — backs are sore and business is good. In fact on of our clients is one of the best practices in the industry have won many awards in recent years. With success comes bountiful riches, so we have assisted them with their accounting and tax responsibilities for some years now. In fact, if you’re looking for a similar level of support, get in touch. Alternatively, if you have a bad back and are looking for a chiropractor… look elsewhere… we don’t do medicine.

So, think twice when you decide to go horse riding, skiing, acrobating, trampolining and alike. You’re likely to do yourself and injury… which is bad for you but good for the chiro industry. Instead, why not just read a good book, in bed.

Don’t lose your hair over this

Did you know that losing your hair isn’t as big a deal as it used to be? We understand that there has always been options for those who are follicley challenged… but they always seemed a bit… well… rubbish. We’ve all seen the film where the guy wearing a wig — or should I say, toupée — walks in and it either looks ridiculous or worse. How about the comb over? Oh the beloved comb over. I mean… when was this last a viable option for balding men? When was it EVER a viable option for balding men? This approach performs notoriously bad during adverse weather conditions, which are usually winds in excess of 1mph.

What does this leave us with then? Hair transplants — that’s what. You’d be forgiven for thinking this is some sort of red-indian inspired scalp treatment. Quite the contrary. Hair transplants take a pain staking amount of time to carry out, involving the physical placement of donor follicles into a receiving scalp. Hmmmmm… it might just be better to go bald with dignity.

Maybe so, however, the hair transplant industry is one of those little gems that go unnoticed. Abundance of customers? Check! Highly-specialized service? Check. Niche industry? Check. Low competition? Check. High margins? Check. The list goes on! Our clients who work in this field — like hair transplant Kempston — literally have more business than they can shake a stick at! Most of our work with them involves helping them expand their business in a sustainable fashion, allowing them to capitalize on the current hair transplant boom.

Next time you go for a hair cut, think about what a privilege it is to be able to lose what others are so desperate to gain. A hair cut may cost you a few dollars… but trust us… it’ll cost someone many times more to have their hair put back in its rightful place.

Pooling your resources to get more money

Did you know that there is a swimming pool for almost every other house in Frisco? Think about that for a second… almost 0.75 pools per house — that’s a lot of pools.

Frisco was one of the fastest growing cities in the US not so long ago and with such a demand for swimming pools it means a lot of business for people skilled in pool installations. Frisco pool builders had humble beginnings as a family run business. Today, it is Frisco’s premier pool-building company. Currently, they are installing a pool a week — that’s huge volume (no pun intended). So when FPBs came to use wanting to better manage the influx of business, we were happy to work with them to design an up-to-date model that would suit their needs now and for years to come.

Frisco Pool Builders

We started by discussing their current challenges. The first item addressed was book keeping. That’s right folks… this is an important and often neglected area! It turns out that the people at FPBs were victims of their own success and simply didn’t have the time to keep accurate accounts. We jumped right on this and brought in our of our most trusted and skilled accountants to deal with it.

Next up — work loads. FPBs needed to expand and quickly. However, they were not equipped to deal with this area of business. We took them through a few easy steps on how to find new skilled laborers, who could supplement their already over extended work force. Also, adding to their workforce would also allow them to install more pools, increasing revenue — a welcome improvement, no doubt.

There were a number of changes we advised them on, which served to further improves their pool-building business. Unfortunately, this blog post isnt the best medium to detail everything we did… so you’ll have to take our word on it. Stay tuned for insights!

The used car business is here to stay… but are new cars going away?

We live in an era of relatively inexpensive and accessible financial products, like credit, that we can leverage our earnings against to buy the products and/or services we want. This is an important point to understand, as we’re going to take a look at the used car business and offer insights into its viability.

So, used cars — is there money still in this game. You, yes you, could secure a leasing agreement for a brand new car without leaving the comfort of your home. This approach will enable you to spread payments for said car over several months and years, making the financial upkeep very manageable. Another benefit is the peace of mind a new car will bring, leaving new leasers safe in the knowledge that their automobile is in perfect working order. Heck — most leasing agreements include free servicing, warranty and insurance — what’s not to like?

What indeed. Let’s take a look at the used-auto industry in comparison. So you buy a used car; it’s not as pretty, clean and/or modern as a new equivalent… heck… the initial outlay of money may be comparable to securing a new-car lease deal. Are we overlooking something here? Yes!

In all but a few lease car agreements, additional costs (ie servicing, warranty, insurance and/or the interest for the loan) are built into your monthly payments! That’s right! Free isn’t as free as it used to be — right? Also remember, you’re paying interest on the borrowed amount. What about the interest-free offer I was given, i hear you say. It’s built into your monthly payments — sneaky.

Let’s not forget what a car’s purpose is: to get from point A to point B. Does it matter if you’re not driving the newest model of Ford!? As long as the thing works… it shouldn’t really matter. Of and yes… buying used is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than leasing new on a like-for-like basis — trust us. What’s more, we think people are wising up to this fact, hence why we’re confident that there is and will continue to be money in the used-car industry for many years to come.

Jobs — nose

Everyone knows how much surgeons get paid — right? Well if you don’t… let’s just say it’s a lot! Anyone would be forgiven for thinking that health care, and more specifically surgery, would be the business to get into. Well… if you’re over the age of thirty and you’re thinking of starting out… then the odds are stacked against you I’m afraid.

Rhinoplasty surgeons in Durham NC, for example, spend years (yep you read the right) training to a basic entry level. Then, they’re required to build up experience over several more years before they’re given their own patients. So what’s the problem?? The problem is that if you decide, at the age of thirty for example, to start training with the intention of opening up your own surgery… then you’re not realistically going to achieve that until you’re fifty, at best! Ok… so if i haven’t dissuaded you, read on.

If you haven’t guessed already, rhinoplasty is not an easy business to get into. The outlay for equipment, which is highly sophisticated and precise, is huge. Premises MUST be clean to surgical standards and the building must be maintained at all times. Oh yeah… almost forgot — before you even think about buying all that stuff… you’ll need a medical degree. Don’t expect much change from $200,000. Still interested?

Insurance: So, what happens if you get it wrong and you turn someone’s nose into a kebab? That’s right — lawsuit and a big fat fine… if you’re lucky. If you’re unlucky, you’ll get all of the above AND you may be banned from practicing medicine! WHAAAAAT!? That’s right… even after spending 20 years training and spending 200k… you might not be allowed to operate on anyone!

Still want to do it? Ok, consider this. Rhinoplasty surgeons are among the most likely professionals to suffer from long-term depression — fact. So, while you’re driving around in your Ferrari, you’re as miserable as sin.

If you’re looking for a profitable business to start, thing low starting costs, minimal training, and high margins!

You wouldn’t believe what you can print nowadays

A 3D printer is the kind of technology that you will need to be successful in your graphic design business. You need to know that your graphic design company is using the latest technology, even on smaller projects like helmet stickers for people that work on factory teams. You have to think in a progressive way in order to survive in the business world, and this means that you need to have a good grasp of how different printers work.

A mechanic that wants to work on a car can also benefit from the concept of having a printer. If you can send out 3D designs of the engines that they are working on, to gather information. Consultants that are putting together a plan would even want to be able to use 3D printers to be able to spice up their agenda or their goals within a given plan. The best plans out there are going to make the world much simpler as you find a way to be able to meet certain goals and deal with complex issues in the business world. Business owners (like those at Pongo Store) have to show leadership, and this means that they know how to work with a given 3D printer on a regular basis. This reality may mean that an owner has to be willing to go back to school to learn about different aspects of a 3D printer system.

The best owners out there have to make sure that they can find a way to set up flyers to properly advertise their businesses. One of the best ways to print off these flyers is to use the latest possible technology. You need to make sure that many of these different printers do not make too much noise. The noise factor may disturb other employees as they are trying to get their work done.

How do you scale your aircon business?? We explain how here.

So you’re in the heating and cooling game and you’ve made a bit of money but you’re wondering how to make the leap to the next level of income. You’ve put in the hours, you installed air conditioners units, heaters, blower, you name it — there just isn’t enough time in the day! Read on if this is you and you’d like to know how to improve your current situation.One of the key business owner skills (and this applies to all businesses not just Snowman split system air conditioner installation) is to delegate tasks to others that do not need you to do them. This could be hoisting a chiller onto someone’s roof, running air con pipe work, etc. If you are a perfectionist and want to do everything yourself, you can develop your own skills by first explaining to the person taking over the task exactly how you want it done, trusting that it won’t be the end of the world if it doesn’t get done exactly how you want it done, and then let it go. First, write down what tasks do not need your expertise and that costs you more for you to do them than for you to pay someone else to do them. Second, assign a competent person or company to do the job. Finally, use the time you’ve made for yourself wisely.

As the owner of your air con/heating firm, you must apply these skills. Always be learning, growing, and implementing them. Learning and using a proven blueprint in your home-based firm is crucial. All successful air con/heating business owners do this and will tell you that if they stop learning, they become stale.

Remember, just because you’ve been in the air con/heater game for years doesn’t mean you’re the only person who can do the job. Consider employing staff and training them to help out. It will help scale the business and give you time to focus on other, more important tasks.

Ever thought about becoming a chiropractor?

The term Business can be defined using many terminologies but simply it refers to any enterprising entity or organization that is involved in industrial, professional and commercial activities that can be profit oriented or non profiting activities for example in an organizations or institution. Across all countries many individual plan on how they can start their successful business. Anyone thinking across this line should devote for hard work since many have tried but failed before achieving the intended goal. Only a few who endure all this hardship they later on enjoy the rewards of their efforts.

In order o start a useful chiropractor practice one should consider the following steps in order to ensure he/she is able to attain the goal. The first step that a person who is intending to begin any chiropractor practice should of course receive the required basic medical training. Next, one must be able to brainstorm ideas. Every individual who wishes to be a chiropractor usually has an idea of the knowledge that is required to operate the practice and also possesses a great passion in it.

Once you have the idea and a business plan the next step is accessing the finances that will be used to run and operate the practice. Consider the practice’s legal structure, which identifies the entity of the business. Then register with the necessary medical bodies and government agencies to ensure all legal and compliance aspects are addressed.

Advertise yourself to ensure everyone knows about your practices and the chiropractic services you are offering. This will be vital to your practice’s success in the market place, as it will make all potential customers aware of you. Finally, ensure success by making your business grow, which is the hardest part, as it requires a lot of effort.